Monday, June 16, 2014

Please Be Careful About What You Say when Kids Are Listening!

We live in a country where “dieting” and “depriving yourself from food” is a normal part of growing up. It has become common knowledge that “dieting” is not referred to as nourishing your body and changing your lifestyle. In fact, dieting is referred to as a temporary and ineffective weight loss mechanism.   

Growing up in a house of constant criticism about my weight and physical appearance and how it contributed to my eating disorders are the main reasons why I feel that this topic is extremely crucial for the well-being of your kids. 

Being aware of how you talk about food and weight when kids are around can prevent them from developing a series of eating disorders throughout their life. We need to be role models to our kids and younger siblings; we need to be more thoughtful when we say negative comments about weight and food in their presence! 

I’ve noticed mothers who comment on how they should lose weight, or talk about who lost or gained weight. They might do it unintentionally, but it teaches kids that people are their appearance. Mothers who comment on their kids’ weight, please stop doing that. There is no need to redirect your kids’ thoughts to their size. Teach your kids that food is nourishment and that exercising makes you feel energetic and is fun. Please do not criticize people who are overweight, there are overweight people who have a healthier lifestyle than you do. Develop healthy eating habits in your kids from the start, this will teach them to get in touch with their natural hunger and satiety. 

Modeling a healthy, balanced lifestyle is the best approach for your kids to maintain a healthy weight and mind throughout their life.

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