Monday, June 9, 2014

3 Square Meals or 6 Small Meals?

The title’s pretty self-explanatory; 6 mini-meals or 3 square meals for maximum weight loss? 

I get this question quite a lot, and the truth is; there’s no right or wrong. 

You see, you can lose weight by having three big meals or 6 mini meals per day; it all depends on how well you organize your time to fit in meals, the type of food you eat and the amount of calories that you’re aiming to achieve per day. 

Studies show that when you eat six meals, you’re more likely to be less hungry throughout the day and therefore curb your appetite. Six meals supposedly stabilize your blood sugar so you don’t feel weak or really hungry in between meals –which usually lead to unhealthy choices. However, I’ve noticed that having 6 meals doesn’t work for some people simply because they end up thinking too much about food and hence, overeat. 

Whether it was thinking too much about food or job constraints is what’s preventing you from having 6 meals… Just make sure that you’re meeting your daily calorie needs and have nutritious meals.
As for me, 5 or 6 meals a day work perfectly fine. In fact, it doesn’t give me the chance to be hungry and hence promote overeating which in turn, promotes binge eating. 

So are you a three meal or a 6 meal kind of person?  Please share your experiences.

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