Thursday, June 5, 2014

Atkins Diet Exposed

My first post. Must feel good eh? Well, not exactly. 

I’m overwhelmed with the amount of topics I want to share with you guys; it certainly took me a while to decide what to write about. So, the reason I wanted to write about The Atkins Diet is because of all the hype it has created in the fitness world.  

The Atkins Diet Defined
The Atkins Diet is a diet plan that restricts your carbohydrates intake throughout four phases. It starts off with minimal carbs on the first two weeks and then reintroduces carbs slowly as you progress. It’s famous because most people want fast weight loss results and well… This diet gives them just that.

Phases of the Atkins Diet 
  1. Induction Phase: The strictest phase of all, in which you’re supposed to have 18 -20 grams of carbs only. There’s a list of the foods you can and cannot eat during this phase, however, the quantity of your food intake is unlimited. During this phase, your body is supposed to burn carbohydrates for the first few days and then shifts to a burning fat machine (that’s where rapid weight loss starts)! 
  2. On-Going Weight Loss Phase: This phase allows you to “climb the carb ladder,” you’re supposed to have more choices of acceptable food here (such as nuts, seeds which contain carbs).
  3. Pre-Maintenance Phase: You should experiment with carbs here and try to find your own balance that you can maintain throughout your life.
  4. Maintenance Phase: Once you find your carb balance.. It’s time to maintain it and indulge occasionally. 

Why Atkins didn’t work for me
I started the Atkins Diet 3 months back; at first it started fairly well, 5 small meals loaded with protein and minimal carbs. However, on the third day, I experienced a bad headache and mood swings and unbelievable chocolate cravings (that’s where the body shifts from burning carbs to burning stored fat) but man I couldn’t cope with the “carb crash” and ended up binge eating on chocolates. 

My advice? Unless you have unbreakable willpower and energy and willing to go through the pain… Do NOT even think of starting the Atkins Diet. It only contributed to my Binge Eating.

I got most of my information on Atkins official website (, please let me know if the Atkins Diet works or has worked for you (if you ever decide to follow it).

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